Throw me a lifeline!!

It’s been far too quiet around these parts, especially for a new blog… must try harder!

Anyhow, I’ve been busily knitting… I seem to have gone from 0 to 5 projects on the go at once,; such is the way of buses and crafting it appears ;)

I thought I’d just quickly make mention of the absolute saviour of my lace-work project: lifelines.

The beauty of lifelines means that if you have to frog back your knitting because of a hitch you don’t have to lose it all, painfully tink back, or try to pick up a row of dropped stitches. I know they are hated by some, but some very experienced knitters in my local knit group use them. They really have saved a special, lace-heavy project for me.

Here is a fantastic link which shows just how easy they are

Happy lifelining :D

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