The beginning is the end is the beginning *cue ominous music*


It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside…

Let’s just start by saying that, although my site has been years in the making, it comes down to me staring at a white text box wondering what the flamin’ ‘eck to write. Knowing that whatever I do, I’ll look back in years to come and scoff at who I was. No pressure or anything…

Ahem, yes, where was I?


I aspire to the dream that this website and specifically the blog will one day paint as accurate a picture of ‘me’ as I want to represent to the world at large. Or at small. I don’t hold delusions of grandeur that I will be in any way popular ;)

Oh, bugger, I’ve gotten distracted aga*SQUIRREL*…

I’m giving up on writing this post before I’ve even begun… I think it’s probably given more of an insight into my psyche as anything else I could write. What this place will normally be about is described all over the site, so please go check it out :) This first post in categorised in both Crafts and Personal as it’s my first post, but from now on they will be separated out as much as possible!

If you like the promise from my first bout of randomness, please share the site with all your friends! There are social buttons for every post, RSS feed, and the guarantee of goodies for loyal readers :) xx

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