It didn’t take me long to post a rant…

… and I’m afraid it’s probably going to cover old ground, but it’s about the NHS.

See, the problem is I have mental health issues.

Now that I’ve gotten that non-revelation out of the way I’ll drop another one… the NHS is shit when it comes to mental health.

The NHS may well be shit when it comes to numerous other things that I don’t have experience about; I have no doubt that will be the case, but “talk about what you know” and all that…

I’m quite frankly fed up of finding it so difficult to get an appointment to talk to my doctor, of being treated with pills and no support, of being talked down to and messed about in the name of “process”.

Now, I understand that the NHS is hugely underfunded when it comes to a lot of things, not least only 13% of the budget going to mental health (see this article for some more scary stats as well as a genuine concern of high rates of mental health problems in women). So we can blame the government and the NHS as an organisation, but there is such a dearth of knowledgeable GPs/practices who are willing to help, that I can’t help but think surely some of the problem comes from ‘those on the ground’.

A couple of the receptionists in my practice have been pretty condescending and rude, my doctor has been sympathetic but has treated me with pills and has had to be pushed to refer to other resources, and apparently the chances of me having a CPN are 0% as I have the “wrong” kind of mental illness.

That’s just *my* story. I have friends that have told me stories a lot worse than this, including premature release from hospital following a suicide attempt. Isn’t that scary? This country’s “system” for dealing with those who are severely incapacitated by mental health is essentially palliative care until a fuss is made; after which you’re left with long waiting times for stretched resources. If you can make a fuss while suffering from (e.g.) severe depression and anxiety, that is… I couldn’t.

I’ve long ago come to terms with using medication to control my symptoms. It’s a cheap method however, and it definitely falls under the remit of palliative care. Hell, it’s barely even that, as you’re sent home with a month’s worth of tablets and a warning that in a couple of weeks you might still feel bad enough to want to “off” yourself, but now with the energy to actually do it.

At least then you’re not a problem case in the NHS system, eh? *puts cynical hat down for now*

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One Response to “It didn’t take me long to post a rant…”

  1. Gordon

    I don’t even know where to start. I know, first hand, how bad it is for some people and… man, just typing this is getting me angry.

    I fail to understand why, with all the evidence in front of them, intelligent people can fail to do the right thing SO VERY BADLY.

    And the fact you are here to write this blog post is a testament to YOU, to you fighting through the darkest days.

    Just keep swimming.


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