Our Technology Advantage and Freedom of Information

Hackers, whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, Anonymous; none of these are new to us, yet we’ve found ourselves in amongst some of the most interesting times in the fight for and against transparency of information. …or perhaps the same things have been happening for hundreds of years, in the same swelling and falling pattern that information seems […]

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I realised I was still tired this afternoon when I was knitting in a car and I couldn’t make 42 stitches stay as 42 stitches. I’m still swithering (ooh, what a good word that is) about what to be writing here… I have no focus/energy for long posts at the moment. I’m afraid you’ll have […]

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It didn’t take me long to post a rant…

… and I’m afraid it’s probably going to cover old ground, but it’s about the NHS. See, the problem is I have mental health issues. Now that I’ve gotten that non-revelation out of the way I’ll drop another one… the NHS is shit when it comes to mental health. The NHS may well be shit […]

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The beginning is the end is the beginning *cue ominous music*

Hello, It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside… Let’s just start by saying that, although my site has been years in the making, it comes down to me staring at a white text box wondering what the flamin’ ‘eck to write. Knowing that whatever I do, I’ll look back in years to come and […]

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