Throw me a lifeline!!

It’s been far too quiet around these parts, especially for a new blog… must try harder! Anyhow, I’ve been busily knitting… I seem to have gone from 0 to 5 projects on the go at once,; such is the way of buses and crafting it appears ;) I thought I’d just quickly make mention of […]

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Craft Swappage

I has an excite! I have been working with the above yarn for a very special project :) The wonderful Clair has organised a secret craft swap, open to all kinds of crafty people! The first swap is underway, but the link to sign up for future swaps is on Clair’s blog. Between this and […]

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The beginning is the end is the beginning *cue ominous music*

Hello, It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside… Let’s just start by saying that, although my site has been years in the making, it comes down to me staring at a white text box wondering what the flamin’ ‘eck to write. Knowing that whatever I do, I’ll look back in years to come and […]

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