About kittykirsty

I’m Kirsty Bell, and I’ve had an onlineĀ presenceĀ in one form or another since around 1999. That very first website was hideous by the way – garish lilac/purple background and images of rubber ducks all over it. Hopefully this one is a little more… classy.

I’ve always been a big geek, social networker, and kept many a journal/blog, but never on my own domain. As my love of knitting, crochet and other crafts grew to the point that I wanted to try selling things online, I knew I needed a better space on the website to not only share the news about what I’m selling, but also to share my passions with the online world.

And so here we are. This website is two years in the making, and the dust will still be settling for a while to come. Welcome, pull up a pew, have a cuppa, and dive in!